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For all your Business Improvement and Operational Excellence needs, Scientific Method Consulting is keen to help.

We can provide a few days to support a discrete project deliverable, many months to support a major transformation programme, or anything in between. Below are examples of the main services we offer.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about our services, please get in touch.

Business Improvement

For both profit making businesses and not-for-profit organisations, there is an ever-increasing need to optimise operational efficiency.

Progressive organisations recognise that a structured approach is vital to deliver and embed meaningful and lasting improvement.

If you are simply looking to cut costs by working your staff harder, then we are not the partners for you.

How you will benefit from our services

  • Make more efficient use of your valuable resources. 

  • Achieve a greater level of understanding and control of your business processes.

  • Improve customer experience.

  • Reduce lead times.

  • Enhance quality.

  • Better manage demand peaks.

  • Improve supplier relationships.

  • Increase revenue.

How we will enable you to achieve this

We appreciate that no two projects are the same, so we tailor our approach to the needs of the organisation, team and situation.

A typical improvement project could look like this:

  • Work with senior leaders, project sponsor and project leader to agree the scope, problem statement and goals of the improvement project.

  • Involve the people who do the work to understand the full detail of the current state.

  • Challenge the current state using Lean and other business improvement principles to identify and remove non-value adding activities and practices. 

  • Propose, agree and document a future state.

  • Devise and deliver a prioritised implementation plan.

  • ​Keep project sponsors and senior stakeholders fully briefed throughout the project.

We are happy to provide full hands-on support to your improvement project, as and when required. Organisations benefit from the support of our external expertise to

  • Support internal resource as they build their skills, experience and confidence.

  • Provide additional capacity and capability to complement internal resource.​​

Here are some examples of the support we provide:

Image by QArea Inc.

Process Mapping

Process mapping underpins most improvement projects, allowing teams to agree the current state, identify pain points, and propose a future state. We will deliver accurate, high quality process maps using our skills and knowledge of appropriate tools.

Analysing data

Data Analysis

Data driven problem solving is an important aspect of process improvement. We can help with all aspects of data selection, collection and analysis.

Image by Jason Goodman

Project Facilitation

A successful improvement project requires good planning, preparation and execution. We can provide the necessary experience, knowledge and tools. 

Image by Franck


We can provide practical support to deliver solutions, including the creation of tools and resources.

Image by iMattSmart


Documentation to capture new ways of working is vital to sustaining change. We can support creation of future state process maps, procedures and decision trees.

Capability Development

Organisations embarking on an improvement journey will benefit from external expertise to provide training and mentoring.

How you will benefit from our services

  • Improvement Project Sponsors will gain a clear understanding of their role and the resulting  accountabilities and responsibilities, providing them with the knowledge to identify, scope and support Improvement Projects and Change.

  • Improvement Project Leaders will develop a sound understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques, enabling them to deliver a successful project outcome.

  • Project teams will gain an understanding of improvement principles and tools and the knowledge to identify and independently solve problems.

How we will enable you to achieve this

We appreciate that no two projects are the same, so we tailor our approach to the needs of the organisation and situation.

Typical we will:

  • Provide bespoke training materials relevant to the sector, function(s) and team(s) involved.

  • Deliver training to Project Sponsors and Project Leads.

  • Give ongoing mentoring through initial project delivery.

Business Meeting


We offer training in Process Improvement which is tailored to the sector, function and team role. As delegates learn new principles and try out new tools, they identify opportunities, creating a portfolio of quick wins and longer term improvement projects.

Business Meeting


We support Senior Leaders, Sponsors and Project Leaders, helping them to identify, scope and deliver value adding improvements and change.

We continue to train and mentor all project team members as they progress, giving them the skills to run further projects independently.

Digital Transformation

Technology can be a key enabler to deliver efficiency and improve customer experience. Whether you are looking to make significant investment in new technology, or to make better use of your existing software and infrastructure, we can support you on the journey. 

How you will benefit from our services

  • Avoid simply automating a bad process and identify a new way of working which leverages the technology to optimise efficiency while delivering a great user experience.

  • Make more efficient use of internal resource.

How we will enable you to achieve this

  • Take time to understand the business, the driver for change and the vision for how the new technology will help.

  • Leveraging our Lean Six Sigma expertise, work with senior stakeholders and the project team to capture the desired future state.

  • Accurately document high level requirements.

  • Provide external, independent expertise as a useful conduit between the business and the developers.

  • Work with business analysts to capture detailed requirements.

  • Using our Agile experience, support or deputise for business product owners during sprints. 

We are happy to provide full hands-on support to your Digital Transformation, on an ad hoc basis or as an embedded member of the project.

Here are some examples of the support we provide:

Image by QArea Inc.

Process Mapping the Future State

Before embarking on a Digital Transformation, it is vital to agree the desired future state. We will deliver accurate, high quality process maps using our skill and knowledge of appropriate tools.

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

High-Level Requirements Gathering

We facilitate detailed discussions with senior stakeholders and future processes users to ensure that all high-level requirements are fully and accurately captured. 

Business Meeting


For complex digital transformation, we can act as an interface between the business and the IT team. 

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