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Here's what some of our clients say about Scientific Method Consulting

Benjamin Hare Image

Benjamin Hare

Global QMS Planning Manager, BSI

"It was a real pleasure to work with Simon. Simon really took the time to understand and map our business in detail and to map out some options of process flows for our operations. I felt his approach was client centric, not cutting corners, but taking the time to address real business needs. Thanks Simon you were a pleasure to work with!"

Martin Bram Image

Martin Bram

Lead Process Consultant, BSI

"Simon led some challenging process design in a highly regulated environment against tight timescales and with high expectations of value from the business. His ability to interpret complex requirements and distill them into a coherent process, whilst providing expertise to streamline the current working practices using new technology was impressive. Not only I appreciated the massive value that Simon bought to the programme, I know everyone else that Simon worked with in the business did too. Thanks Simon"

Chris Richfield MCIPS
Head of Procurement, NSPCC

"As an organisation reliant on donations and focused on committing our resources for better outcomes for children, being as efficient as possible in our back office functions ensures that funds are not diverted away from our core activities. Recently we undertook a review of some of these activities and commenced a project to create the changes needed to improve our organisational efficiency. Recognising that the project team lacked the skills required to thoroughly map the multiple tasks that each input might generate, we engaged Simon. As someone who can assimilate complex information he was contributing to the project and its direction within 24 hours and became a leading member of the project delivery team within his first week with us. Core skills that he bought to the fore that enhanced our project were his focus on LEAN, his project and change management skills, facilitation of the project meetings themselves and dependent stakeholder relationships. At all times he retained his focus (despite competing priorities) to the delivery of the agreed outcomes through his organised pragmatic approach. His work with us has come to an end and we launch our new processes with confidence that we have turned over every stone needed to make this project successful. We expect the change, once embedded will reduce associated admin between 30-50% but more importantly by getting to the right place faster we will compromise less thereby protecting our resources. It has been a pleasure working with someone who is always diligent, practical and considered."

Pam Martin Image

Pamela Martin

Customer Experience Operations Manager, Equiniti Group

"I would highly recommend Simon. Simon's objective was to identify using the LEAN and Six Sigma principles areas for improvement that would enhance the customer experience. Simon engaged staff by setting up and facilitating working groups. He ensured that these sessions were interactive and that group members each played an active role. He encouraged a new way of thinking which was evident in the proposals suggested by participants in regards to the changes that needed to be implemented. Simon is a well organised and driven individual. He sets clear objectives and ensures everyone else understands the desired results."

Simon Dennett Image

Simon Dennett

Project Manager, Equiniti Group

"Simon joined the Lean Review project 6 months into the timeframe requiring him to pick up activities using an approach defined by others whilst being set a 'hearts & minds' challenge and a short time frame to deliver 75% of the project's objectives within the remaining 6 months. Simon reassured me throughout that he could deliver this and he did, plus more. Simon has a real drive & passion for Lean which combined with his analytical approach to problem solving has allowed him to identify real improvement opportunities, his informative & persuasive presentation style leaves no uncertainty for his audience providing a high success rate for implementation of change. I have personally learnt a lot from working with Simon and the project was certainly easier to deliver having Simon on the team."

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