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About Us

About Scientific Method Consulting


Scientific Method Consulting was founded in 2015 by Simon Guile. He is the sole consultant and is able to deliver all of the services described. However, as a supportive team player, he often works with other consultancy groups and with in-house teams at our client organisations.

About Simon

Photo of Simon Guile

I am proud to help organisations achieve operational excellence by identifying and eliminating waste, improving and streamlining processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. I'm thorough and diligent in my work with integrity, strong self-motivation and commitment to high quality.


AstraZeneca is where I began my Process Improvement journey when I delivered my first Improvement Projects and earned Lean Six Sigma Black Belt accreditation. I went on to Rolls Royce Aerospace, working as a Business Improvement Leader and then as a Supply Chain Head of Improvement, again receiving Lean Six Sigma accreditation.

I can share my experience and learning from a variety of sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Medical Device Regulations, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Social Housing, Soft Services, Steel and Not for Profit.


I have delivered significant improvements in both manufacturing and transactional environments. 


I'm equally adept at providing technical advice, strategic thinking and mentoring, as well as training, project coordination and facilitation. I have significant experience in Process Mapping, often including complex Stakeholder Management. 


My scientific training and background give me strong critical thinking and problem solving skills and I also have line management and cross-functional project leadership experience.

Here are some selected comments from my personal recommendations:


“Simon is a first class consultant. He brings knowledge, know how and gets things done.”

“It has been a pleasure working with someone who is always diligent, practical and considered.”

“He was very successful where many others are not.”

“His ability to interpret complex requirements and distil them into a coherent process, whilst providing expertise to streamline the current working practices using new technology was impressive.”

“Simon has a real drive & passion for Lean which combined with his analytical approach to problem solving has allowed him to identify real improvement opportunities, his informative & persuasive presentation style leaves no uncertainty for his audience providing a high success rate for implementation of change.”

“As someone who can assimilate complex information he was contributing to the project and its direction within 24 hours and became a leading member of the project delivery team within his first week with us.”

“Simon is detail orientated, meticulous and extremely thoughtful in considering strategic options”

“He is an excellent listener who is able to then distil and articulate achievable activities and goals.”

“Simon is collegial, and fantastic to work with. He is perceptive and grasped some of the regulatory concepts and the current state of the art very quickly. He always has an eye for making the processes leaner.”

More details can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

Why we're called Scientific Method Consulting

Improvement and change often require an element of experimentation using, for example, a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle or a DMAIC project framework, examples of the Scientific Method.

The history of the Scientific Method is long and complex but is often attributed to the empirical thinking of Francis Bacon in the 17th century.

Scientific Method Consulting speaks to Simon's scientific background and embodies the rigorous problem solving approaches and improvement methods of Lean Six Sigma.

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