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Case Studies

Working across a variety of sectors, here are some examples of the projects we have enabled, supported and delivered.

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Improving Procurement Processes at a well-known charity

The procurement team at a major national charity wished to improve processes to drive efficiencies. The Head of Procurement had identified two areas of focus and we were engaged to support the scoping and delivery of both.

In the first project, a potential digital solution had already identified, using software available within the organisation. We joined the project team to enhance project and stakeholder management. We then worked with the procurement team to fully understand the requirements. Once this was in place, we worked closely on a daily basis with the application developer to deliver the web-based data-gathering tool. This provided buyers with tailored questions and ensured the information supplied to the procurement team was both complete and accurate.

Business Meeting

In the second project, it was recognised that the procurement process was delayed as the resource-constrained legal team was involved in many aspects of decision making. Through sensitive yet thorough interviews with key stakeholders, we extracted and documented the thought processes and decisions that were made subjectively within Legal team. Armed with this knowledge, we developed a decision tree triage approach and demonstrated the accuracy and resilience of the approach. This enabled speedier purchasing of lower risk items, freeing the legal team to tackle more complex risks.


Through deliver of both projects, we succeeded in creating future state cross-functional processes and reducing associated administration workload by 30%.  

Supporting Digital Transformation at a leading standards organisation

Blood pressure monitor

A major standards organisation ran a project to streamline and standardise processes within its Regulatory Services Department as an enabler to a significant Digital Transformation.


Holding regulatory and business requirements workshops for subject matter experts, we utilised the information gathered to develop efficient processes and gained formal approval from senior leaders. We succeeded in designing 20 new, approved processes for development within the IT solution.

Employing an agile sprint approach with the software vendor team, and working with, and deputising for, the business Product Owner, we then helped to develop a customer-facing ‘digital pre-application’ portal which was successfully deployed, providing the organisation's clients and colleagues with increased confidence, visibility and predictability in their day to day operations.

Diagnostic Review and Process Improvements at a major automotive manufacturer

A major automotive manufacture was undertaking a multi-million pound inventory reduction project. We were engaged to identify improvement opportunities and document processes in two change projects.

In the first project, looking at the end-to-end build planning process, we completed a diagnostic review of current state processes, leading to the identification of numerous improvements opportunities. We documented our findings in a Board Pack which supported a proposal for a significant transformation programme.


In the second project, looking at inventory and inbound supply, we identified a need for several new processes to enhance management and control of inventory. Working with key business stakeholders, we designed, documented and gained approval for the new processes.

Car Factory

Delivering improved stock management at a leading university publisher

Offset Printing Machine

A well-known publisher has an issue with overprinted stock and we were engaged to develop a process to better manage production levels.


Following a review of the current state process and a detailed analysis of stock levels we devised and developed a complex, unbiased, Excel-based calculation tool.  

Gaining support from senior managers, we created detailed training and communication materials and persuaded senior editors to relinquish responsibility for front list quantities.

We succeeded in developing and rolling out a new process which enabled the company to drive objective decision making to better control stock levels.

Developing process management at a leading defence contractor

An organisation was undergoing a major transformation as a result of a public to private sector transition.

We reviewed existing staff approaches and identified the need for new and more robust process management. We then trained and coached approximately 50 process owners to enable sustained process management, compliance and continuous improvement.

Working with the new process owners, we formulated a process structure involving over 200 operations and devised and developed a new standard operating model (SOM) and quality management system (QMS).

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